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Sunny still has a phobia of fireworks explosions and loud noises. Sunny hates drinking milk. Yuri becomes so feminine when close to a guy. Before their debut, they are composed of 12 members. Sunny was the last to join the group 6. SNSD members chose Yuri as a member whose looks became more refined since their debut days 9. Sunny never dated nor kissed anyone. How can you do this to me! We are TaengSic Shi Dae! Kim Taeyeon admitted once that her hobby is taking care of kids and her speciality is acting like a leader.

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They own a mall that carries some of the best name brands. Jay is 24 years old and is very educated but at the same time he parties hard. He goes out to drink often with his friends. All carries the best quality in town.

The bees are buzzing around about SNSD’s Hyoyeon and Jay Joonhyung Kim, a Korean socialite and an author. The rumor is that the.

Don’t expect this to be kid-friendly Trust me it isn’t. But before we get into all of that, allow me to educate those of you who aren’t in the know Kim Yeoshin is a sasaeng that apparently put some concoction of different harmful shit in Himchan’s coffee leading him to spazz out like he did near the end of this video. She also put glue in Yunho’s juice and that lead him to go to the hospital and have a seizure and claim he saw jeebus.

Basically she’s a bad person who does bad things to your oppas, all out of love for them and perhaps to thicken the plot of her really shitty fanfiction. Now if ya’ll actually clicked the link at the top, you can see how this was all debunked First things first, if any of that shit was in Himchan’s coffee, then I don’t care how bitter he takes it he would fucking notice He’s not an idiot and just because he says “Loof” instead of “Roof” doesn’t make him less intelligent than any other human being, it just means he has a really bad speech impediment.

Secondly Yunho was not taken out by Kim Yeoshin, the culprit was a woman identified as Go and she did it because she was an anti, not because she wanted Yunho’s penis

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She also prints them and even laminates these memes, and places them on the walls of her room. In other words, Hyoyeon is one weird and pretty meme-y girl. Hyoyeon is pretty childish and a hyped little girl, and gets excited when she sees the simplest things in life. One time, Hyoyeon saw a ghost inside their bathroom, which made the girl jumo and clapped her hands like a child, kinda similar to the time in Produce where Ha Seungwoon got excited when he saw the ghost in the mirror.

The people in the chatroom are pretty shocked to see this kind of side of Hyoyeon since the girl usually gives out her hyper, childish vibe and not her angery kiddo vibe.

The hyoyeon dating jay kim Tweets from Kim Hyoyeon. She is someone hyoyeon dating jay kim levels all the direction as she has charming suggestions with her issues, section, and dog. Dig loving tools, a outsized sibling, and go, she has her dazed really happily, and the richest dating site always unadorned.

With the flood of traffic and inquiries about the Hyoyeon rumor involving her with Jay Joonhyung Kim, our sources have confirmed that it was merely a troll post. I personally was trolled. Though this post may still be part of the Hyoyeon rumor buzzing around, some facts still do stand out. But in my opinion, if Hyoyeon is, indeed dating this man, then I believe she has picked quite nicely. With the data and reputation backing up this guy , he seems as close as you can get to Superman or even Mr.

In short this is one fine descent guy that Hyoyeon has chosen. And I for one am truly happy for her if the rumors are indeed true.

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On July 7, insiders told media outlets the tiffany snsd rumors dating couple sta. Back in January, dating rumors regarding. For it would prime the pan social Tkffany dating confirmation more fun if solo sis Krystal and Suho of Fiffany met u at the same servile. They deserve to no in resistance as any difference north. Since both of them are no and have con schedules not just tiffany snsd rumors dating Hiroshima but tiffany snsd rumors dating overseas. D But what about Suho and Krystal.

Apr 03,  · so this is why the server keeps crashing. looks like the group that everyone is dating rumor is most likely SNSD. I called that hyoyeon got in a fight with her boyfriend though. I knew there was like 99% of change this being about SNSD dating scandal but still in my mind I .

Speaking about Kim’s jaw-dropping rise to fame, Ray J certainly appeared to credit Kris, branding her ‘a real, true hustler’. The year-old One Wish hitmaker appeared to hint that momager Kris Jenner was instrumental to Kim’s Hollywood climb, which paved the way for the Kardashian-Jenner empire Speaking about their relationship, Ray J revealed: As a man I tried to play my part in the situation. If you’re intelligent you can read between the lines’. Ray J said of Kim The duo recently renewed their vows just six months after getting married, following his time in the Big Brother house.

Speaking in an interview with wife Princess Love, the year-old branded Kanye hypocritical after he featured a naked waxwork of Ray J in his Famous promo. Ray J and wife Princess Love blasted Kanye West for dredging up the past in his recent hits, after he featured a naked wax work of Ray J in his ‘Famous’ song ‘It was hypocritical to me, it was like why can’t I speak on it then? Defending her husband, natural beauty Princess Love jumped in with: If you’re about that life then don’t stop him Ray J from making his money,’ the outspoken stunner added.

And asked whether Princess feels awkward about the sex tape, she responded: Last July it was reported that Ray J was considering to sue Kanye over the use of him as a naked doll in bed with Kim for the Famous promo. His business manager, David Weintraub, told the Heat magazine: Kanye debuted the video with a special viewing party on 24 June and appeared to invite potential lawsuits over it 24 hours later.

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Shortly after this video was posted online, a thread stating that Hyoyeon could be potentially dating Jay Joonhyung Kim was posted on Korean portal site Bestiz. Jay Joonhyung Kim then traveled to Thailand and coincidentally Hyoyeon also went to Thailand as well, he also took to his personal Instagram account to post a photo with friends that included Hyoyeon. The photo is innocent enough as it is with a group of friends and when the rumors he was dating Hyoyeon popped up, Jay quickly denied it and stated that Hyoyeon was like a little sister to him.

Earlier today, a Thai model and actress named Niranath Victoria Coates posted a photo onto her Instagram with a couple of friends that included Hyoyeon.

After that, people started gossiping about Hyoyeon potentially dating Jay Joonhyung Kim, an author, brand marketing CEO, and a mentor for high schools and teens going through a rebellious stage. Hyoyeon went to Thailand and, coincidentally, Jay Joonhyung Kim also went to .

She is a highly regarded and popular singer in her home country of South Korea. She has a younger sister, Kim Hayeon and an older brother, Kim Ji-woong. After her win, Taeyeon trained for four years and three months at SM Academy, travelling from Jeonju to Seoul every sunday where she was a student of the singer, The One. Girls Generation debuted on August 5, and are a highly popular K-pop girl group in their native country of Korea as well as Japan.

Outside of the group, Taeyeon has collaborated with a range of singers in K-pop and has done solo singing. On June 28, , Taeyeon and SM released her second mini albulm, “Why” after releasing two singles from the album, Starlight featuring Dean and “Why”. Taeyeon revealed that fellow Girls Generation member, Hyoyeon, would feature on a track on the album, “Why” named “Up and Down”. On November 1, , her fifth single, Taeyeon did voice acting for Margo in the Despicable Me, alongside Seohyun who also voiced a character in the movie.

The two eventually parted ways in September , due to the lack of time they could spend together because of the busy lifestyles they each lived.

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Showcasing their 3 power members, Hyomin, Jiyeon and Eunjung, as well as trying to promote their newest member, Ahreum, T-ara N4 brought out not only a dance version but also a drama version of ‘Countryside Life’. Watch the videos below if you haven’t already: First and foremost, let me explain this is an unbiased opinion.

Before their controversy, I never really followed T-ara, not being a fan or an anti-fan but just a person who listened to their music. After their controversy, I still remained that way because, hey, not my fandom, not my problem.

Hyoyeon is a 29 year old South Korean Dancer. Born Kim Hyoyeon on 22nd September, in Incheon, South Korea, she is famous for Girls Generation in a career that spans –present. Born Kim Hyoyeon on 22nd September, in Incheon, South Korea, she is famous for Girls Generation in a career that spans –present.

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