History of Germans in Russia, Ukraine and the Soviet Union

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In General, a lot to see and learn. At first it was uncomfortable even strain people his presence-I was the only visitor among a considerable number of supervisors of halls. For me the door opened and included light. At first it seemed that the Museum quite mediocre-skulls of prehistoric Elk stuffed modern gornostaev, etc. But found the three points which are hooked. First, among the typical old clothes found girdles and lestavku old believer the Rosary is exactly such were my grannies, Ural kazachki.

Russia – Novgorod: Novgorod arose in the 9th century as one of the earliest centres of the exploitation of the forest hinterland and remained the most important commercial centre of the Kievan period. The changes of the latter Kievan period did not diminish the town’s importance, for it benefited both from the increased activity of the Hanseatic League and from the development of the upper.

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O nome Rússia é derivado da Rússia de Quieve, um Estado medieval povoado principalmente pelos eslavos do entanto, este nome próprio tornou-se mais proeminente posteriormente e o país normalmente era chamado por seus habitantes de “Русская Земля” (Russkaia Zemlia), que poderia ser traduzido como “Terra Russa” ou “Terra de Rus"”.

Russian chief rabbi Berel Lazar, right, with Baruch Ramatsky, holding the Torah scroll Ramatsky’s family has kept hidden for the last 90 years, inside the synagogue of Tomsk, February 1, Courtesy Chabad of Tomsk From right: Russian chief rabbi Berel Lazar, rabbi Levi Kaminetsky, and Baruch Ramatsky examine the Torah scroll Ramatsky’s family has kept for the last 90 years, in the main synagogue of Tomsk, February 1, In response, the Cantonists of Tomsk formed a congregation of their own.

And, like the Cantonists themselves, it was a unique symbol of resilience in the face of adversity. Courtesy Chabad of Tomsk The venue was a sprawling campus in the middle of the Siberian forest that impossibly gave off a sense of lushness, even from beneath a heavy blanket of snow and ice. The numerous dormitories that comfortably housed hundreds formed a circle around a main building. There, in addition to the administrative offices, was found a kosher cafeteria and an auditorium that was soon to double as a dance studio.

Like many parallel North American youth groups, it is divided into regions, where participants take turns gathering in different host cities. Tomsk falls into the sparsely populated Siberia region — geographically the largest by far. The famous ice sculptures in Tomsk, on display all winter. Kaminetsky also acts as the youth director for the local ZOOM branch.


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The German minority in Russia, Ukraine and the Soviet Union was created from several sources and in several waves. The census put the number of Germans living in the Russian Empire at 2,, In , the German population of the Soviet Union was roughly 2 million. By , the population fell by half to roughly one million. , Germans were enumerated in Russia ( Russian.

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