Apollo Nida Engaged; Phaedra Blindsided

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Did Apollo Nida Hook-Up with His fiancée Sherien Almufti While He Was Still With Phaedra Parks?

He said Brandon hit him in the eye so I doubt an apology is coming soon. Maybe Brandon did punch him in the eye, where was his bruise if that was the case? Apollo is a liar and full of shit. Everybody with an ounce of sense KNEW he was lying!

Phaedra Parks Outs Kenya Moore’s ‘Affair’ With Apollo Nida Mar, 5 | Written by ATLien Phaedra Parks of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is known for keeping a cool head onscreen but she almost lost it last week when Kenya Moore tried to verbally attack her over an unsubstantiated rumor.

NeNe Leakes may not have appeared on The Real Housewives of Atlanta this season, but the alum certainly had a thing or two to say about the shocking Part 3 of the reunion. We mean, who didn’t? Phaedra did this exact same thing to me, as we’ve already discussed before. Years ago, on the show when she first came on, she brought on my half-biological sister on the show and filmed with her the same way she did with Kandi when she brought that Johnnie [Winston] guy on. She did the same thing to me, tried to take me down, and it didn’t work because we ended up getting it before it even hit the air.

So Phaedra’s been doing stuff like this. She just got caught with these girls. She’s always been that way. This is not anything new. It may be new to you guys, but for us that work with her, we’ve always known her to be that person. And just because Porsha didn’t actually start the rumors about Kandi doesn’t mean that NeNe is letting her off the hook, either, since she had a hand in spreading them.

As I’ve said to so many people, ‘If you and I decide to rob the bank together, if I mastermind it and you carry out the plan, and we went before a judge, we both would be sentenced, honey, for life in prison, child.

The Truth About College Hookups

Everyone knows she is dealing with a lot of stress because of her marriage to convicted felon Apollo Nida. From dirty dog cheating allegations to pending legal charges of fraud, Phaedra truly has her hands full as she is a successful lawyer, entrepreneur, mortician and mother as well. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and a recent snap of Phaedra tells us all a whole lot about how she is coping.

Kandi looks positively radiant on the photo, Phaedra looks thin and stressed. True, she has just signed on to be a brand ambassador for the diet pill Xenadrine and has reportedly been using the supplement to bounce back into shape after giving birth to baby number two Mr.

Shots Fired: Kenya Moore On Wendy Williams Talks Hooking Up With Apollo, Porsha Beef, Nene, And More! [Video].

She was referring, of course, to being asked over dinner if she swam in the lady pond. I refuse to ride back on a bus with any of those girls from last night. Kandi and Porsha Hooked Up Wait. After getting home, Kandi recounted the whole conversation about her sexuality. She knows I know it. She then accused Porsha of being in the closet. Meanwhile, in another part of town, Kenya Moore took Cynthia to get some vaginal rejuvenation. Phaedra seemed to have mixed emotions about the news and promptly began to cry.

It’s Official: Apollo Nida is Prisoner #65725-019

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According to MTO Apollo has now admitted on camera that he was trying to hook up with Kenya and that the two have kissed. My guess is that his marriage to Phaedra really is over and now Apollo has no reason to hide his actions from her.

Part6 Once upon a long ago there lived a forum poster by the name of Apollo C. Vermouth about whose identity there was much debate. For those in the know — not I alas — the favoured candidate was always Beatle gatekeeper and confidante Neil Aspinall. If this rumour is true I know not, however, his, or her, comments were certainly as insightful as they were cryptic and, I believe, are worthy of further consideration. I propose to publish a series of blogs exploring these, now rather elderly, posts in the hope that in the act of writing I may draw more people into the debate upon their meaning and to encourage research into Sgt.

Also, I cannot deny that the mere chance that these musings were penned by a Beatles insider does add a certain frisson of excitement into the mix. For the sake of clarity when I reproduce any post from Apollo it will appear in italics whilst any interjections from my good self will be non-italicised and in brackets. I have made some small amendments to correct any spelling mistakes.

Kenya Moore Co-Signs Interracial Dating; Not Enough Black Bachelors to Choose From

Kenya was the first person I thought about when I seen this story. Anonymous Kenya needs to just keep her comments to herself. This is no vindication for all the drama she caused. She is so messy!!! Phaekdra and Apollo said whatever they felt about Kenya all for ratings and prop and Facebook and Twitter likes, so why should Kenya be silenced.

Porsha Williams Have Sex With Apollo Nida? This rumor sounds a bit far fetched, but stranger things have happened when it comes to the world of reality TV. This week, the Real Housewives of Atlanta filmed their reunion.

More News Forget standing by her man. After five years of marriage, Phaedra Parks finally decides to call it quits with husband and convicted felon Apollo Nida in the March 22 episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, while Kandi Burruss, Kenya Moore, Claudia Jordan, and Porsha Williams continue to hash out their differences during a group counseling session. Real Housewives husbands hall of fame Phaedra cites Apollo’s strange behavior and criminal past as the reasons why she can’t take any more.

Before beginning his eight-year sentence for fraud, Apollo acted erratically, creating a huge rift in the couple’s marriage. Because of her problems at home, her friendships with the rest of the housewives fall by the wayside. Jakes, about her marital problems. Housewives’ plastic surgery — before and after pics In a rare display of emotion, Phaedra breaks down in tears.

She wanted to be the perfect wife, she tells Sarah, but Apollo would do anything just to be mean and hurtful. But for the first time in years, she says she has peace. Real Housewives husbands hall of fame A few days later, Phaedra meets with her mentor and fellow attorney Ronnie Kaplan to get advice on how she needs to proceed. Some people do change their lives and make a difference…maybe he was conning me the whole time.

A divorce is a death.

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Gobei Does Phaedra really see Kenya as a threat to her marriage?. Truth, Texts and Lies: Did kenya and apollo hook up Tea party for teenage girls Sexy open boobs Asian girls eating pussy, mature pussy lickin mature black apple aand. According to MTO Apollo has did kenya and apollo hook up admitted on camera that he was trying to hook up kp Kenya and that the two have kissed. All the time Apollo apollk the middle feeling so damn macho about himself that these two women are fighting over him…he kept up the facade.

Did kenya and apollo hook up. Phaedra worried about her own life and the feds on her tail. All the time Apollo in the middle feeling so damn macho about himself that these two women are fighting over fid kept up the facade.

Apollo Hydro Heat Systems Vancouver WA

I believe Phaedra though. As beautiful as she is, Kenya can’t seem to get a good man. She acts a bit desperate. I think she’s longing for love and to be touched and kissed and all that. But she needs to just let it happen naturally and stop being panicked says — reply to this 3 but she is the still staying with a man who played along and texted kenya back soooo. We all know she got him out of the dog pound….

Apollo also alleged Kenya proposed a face-to-face hook up while the two were in California. On last week’s episode of RHOA, when confronted by his wife, Phaedra, Apollo said Kenya “wanted to f**k, ok, she wanted to have sex in LA.”.

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